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Guidelines On How To Stay Safe From EMF Pollution

Several cases of chronic and acute diseases are attributed to exposure to electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, medical practitioners are not well equipped with the knowledge to tackle this emerging threat.

In our usual routines, we are continuously exposed to conditions that result in those health challenges. In order to minimize or eliminate the danger, this article outlines useful tips that you can take advantage of.

When you are on your computer, you are more susceptible to dangerous exposure of EMF. If you spend extended times working on your device, the risk is heightened.

The risk of EMF emissions is elevated when your laptop is charging. At such times it is advisable that you avoid placing the machine on your thighs.

The old models of tv or computer screens that used the cathode ray tube are major culprit of EMF pollution. You can work around this challenge by resorting to liquefied crystal displays kinds of monitors.

Ensure that the cords that supply power to your laptop or desktop are not in close proximity with your hands and feet. It is essential that you take good care of the cords and the transformers connected to your machine by keeping them tidy.

Experts advise against installing of wireless network in your premises. The technology is an excellent exposure point for EMF pollution exposing your health to danger.

It is essential that you research on the wireless technology that your mobile phone uses. Some of the technologies like the DECT are banned in most countries.

If you still have such a mobile device, as much as possible have it switched off . When purchasing a baby monitor, check that the technology is not used in the device.

It is important that you cut down on the time you spend on your cellphone. Children who have not reached 14 years are not recommended to use mobile devices unless there is absolute necessity.

Health challenges have been attributed to the amount of EMF pollution that comes from the cellular phones. It is noteworthy to state that even the cordless devices are capable of producing EMF emissions just like the cellular models.

In your bedroom, always unplug electrical appliances that are not being used. Melatonin, a chemical in our bodies that helps us sleep well receives suppression from EMF pollution.

Studies have shown that some types of household plants play a role in absorption of harmful radiation inside the house. To know the plants to grow, consult your local nursery who are knowledgeable on them.

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